Friday, January 2, 2015

Assignment 10

We had to add one more feature to our site for this assignment. I added a blog that will actually show my drawings, since my site is about drawing.

I did have to tweak my site a bit. In adding all the pages to my site, I had to shrink the font size in the navigation bar because I didn't like the navigation bar going to two lines. I would have liked to save space by grouping similar pages together, but it doesn't appear that you can add a navigation element that doesn't actually link to a page with Jimdo's basic editor. As compromises for free sites go, it's a relatively minor one.

Overall, I have learned some really useful things in this course. Specifically, I have learned about the wide variety of out-of-the-box tools that can be added to a website without having to know too much about web development. Before taking this course, I would have never guessed that you could basically cut-and-paste chat rooms and discussion forums into a website.

In many cases, there are several options available for everything from web hosting to chat rooms at no charge. With just a little bit of tweaking, sites built with these tools can look professional.

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