Sunday, December 28, 2014

Assignment 8

The focus of this assignment is interaction. Having some kind of interaction on a site often makes users feel more engaged with the site and more likely to come back frequently.

There are lots of possibilities for interaction on a website. It can be something as simple as a page view counter, or as complex as a discussion forum with multiple topics.

Sometimes web hosts provide tools to incorporate various forms of interaction into your site. But if that isn't the case, there are sites out there that provide a wide variety of interactive features for free, with advanced features available at a cost.

Since my site is simple, I wanted my interaction to be simple, too. I chose to put up a poll that I constructed at Bravenet, which offers everything from simple polls to discussion forums to animated talking characters for a site.

Screen shot of the poll on my site

Feel free to check out my poll and vote in it. If you're unfamiliar with the artistic movements discussed in the poll, there's more information and examples on the page.

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